Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial Turf InstallationEveryone may know about artificial turf because it is widely used at sports field. Nowadays, artificial turf is also popular among homeowners who want to make their lawn look more beautiful. Even some offices have artificial grass installed to enhance the look of office exterior. Thus, want to give a new look to your office exterior design? Prior to your artificial turf installation, make sure to know some useful information below:


“Why should I consider installing synthetic grass? Why don’t I grow natural grass instead?” This is a common question people want to ask before deciding to install artificial turf. If you do wonder, read the following benefits:

  1. Artificial turf is appealing. Basically, aesthetics is the first reason why people love artificial grass Phoenix and install it at their lawn. It really resembles natural grass without color fading, so it always looks stunning.
  2. Artificial turf is durable. Have you ever wondered why sports field stay green for a long time? That’s because artificial turf is very durable. It is expected to last up to 25 years depending on your use. In general, artificial turf has UV protection, so it doesn’t fade due to the heat of the sun.
  3. Artificial turf doesn’t require hard maintenance. A significant difference between natural grass and synthetic (artificial) grass is the fact that people don’t have to spend a lot of time to do maintenance. Just keep it clean and it’ll last longer.


Installing artificial turf is quite troublesome. Due to this, many property owners choose to hire a professional artificial turf company. It usually provides recommended artificial grass products, too. Although it is costly, hiring experts is worth it because they will do proper installation. On the other hand, not few people try hard to do DIY installation. Interested in doing the latter option? Have a look at the video below:


People always wonder how much they will spend to purchase or use something. It also happens to artificial grass installation. It does require less and cost-effective maintenance than natural grass, but you must know that it probably costs you high amount of money in the beginning. It depends on the size of your artificial grass. The average installation cost of it is about $19 per square or you are required to pay up to $2,000 per installation.

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